Treatment for inverted nipples or flat nipples.
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Included with order: Free unit dose packet of nipple ointment which helps the device to stay in place plus travel storage case. (The free ointment will last one to two weeks) If you wish to add extra, see options on the drop down menu.)


For the optimal results with this product, we recommend the 'Complete Inverted Nipple Kit'- This comes with everything you will need for treatment. The Avent Niplette Twin Pack , Twin Pack Protective Coverings, full container of Nipple Ointment, and the Maintenance Kit.

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The Avent Niplette is a non-invasive device developed for the permanent correction of flat or inverted nipples. The Single Unit consist of one thimble, one syringe, and one tube. The Twin Pack kit contains 2 thimble shaped molds with valve components, two plastic syringes to be used as a suction device to treat both nipples. The Avent Niplette is worn for eight hours a day and keeps constant suction on the nipple to keep it protruded. This device is the most aggressive treatment available for flat or inverted nipples, and is much more effective than Breast Shells for inverted nipples. (The Niplette may be used through the seventh month of pregnancy under the consultation of your doctor.) It can't be used for permanent correction while lactating because the milk produced during lactation will nullify the seal and effectiveness of the Avent Niplette, but it can be used for a few minutes before latching the baby on to help draw out the nipple. If you are currently pregnant, please inform your obstetrician that you are using the device. The use of the Niplette should not exceed three months, unless after that time, it is only used occasionally to keep the results.


Mothering From The Heart was the sole retailer in the US for the Niplette from 1999 up until 2010. The owner, Marsha Bearden is an RN and Board Certified Lactation Consultant specializing in helping clients with inverted and flat nipples. Her years of experience and knowledge about the device have led to her compilation of information and extra recommendations for the Niplette product that far exceed other retailers. MFTH was consulted by Avent when creating their brochure and instructions for the product. The Avent company has sent clients to MFTH for troubleshooting and she frequently consults with Cosmetic Surgeons around the world.

We are happy to assist all men and women with product support of the Niplette. If the product is not purchased from us, we do have to charge for the service. Sorry, but this is time consuming and can only be offered to clients ordering directly from us. The service is FREE to all clients purchasing from MFTH!

Click here: Helpful suggestions for using the device for treatment of an inverted nipple

  • Click here if you would like to add Protective Coverings or Nipple Ointment to your order. A one week supply of nipple ointment will be sent with every Twin Pack & Single Unit ordered. Treatment time can take three months, so you may order extra ointment without your shipping charge increasing. It is recommended that you purchase a tube, but nipple ointment can also be purchased in most drug stores. Ordering here will allow for confidentiality when purchasing nipple ointment. The Protective coverings are very helpful at keeping the device from coming off. It the device is dislodging continuously, it will not be therapeutic. Many women have a problem keeping the Niplette securely on. Adding the Protective Covers will NOT increase your shipping fee. The Maintenance Kit should be used after your treatment time is complete. Usually around three months, the Niplette use can be stopped and the Maintenance Kit started. This device is a soft silicone that is used over your nipple in the way the Niplette is used to help maintain correction. It is more comfortable and less bulky, with less parts and should last a longer than your Niplette. The Maintenance Kit can be purchased in the drop down menu when ordering the Niplette.

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Instructions on the use of the Avent Niplette

Click here: Helpful suggestions using the Avent Niplette

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